All photography provided by Maggie Holmgren

Jacks Boxing Gym started one night with a heated discussion about what matters most in life. Thankfully, most of the heat was actually because we were sitting around a fire pit. Those in the discussion concluded the best way to be happy is to do what you do best with passion.



Jacks Boxing Gym actually started over a decade ago. Jack Mook is a war veteran with the 82nd Airborne, and career detective with the City of Pittsburgh. He has been a certified boxing instructor for the last ten plus years. In his spare time, he volunteers at Steel City Boxing; a nonprofit organization located on the North Side. Steel City helps keep at-risk children off the streets and gives them focus. It was here that he met his two adopted sons, Joshua and Jessee.

 Jack has since married, added three more children, and hey- priorities change. Priorities went from protecting the public by keeping criminals off the street, to protecting the public in other positive ways.

The mission

Our mission is simple:

  • teach a sport that can provide fitness, self awareness, and self protection
  • motivate and empower people to meet and exceed their health and fitness goals
  • provide support and encouragement in the most positive, fun, and exhausting ways
  • offer a flexible workout that accommodates everyone, regardless of experience or time constraints. Positive attitude and willingness to work hard are the only requirements.