Our reception area is where you can check in with our staff, shop for apparel, grab a locker, and catch a review video on hand wraps before class. 



We offer a state of the art weight training area using all Cybex equipment. You will have access to free weights and machines which include: Dumbells from 5 lbs to 100 lbs; Curl Bars; Smith Machine; Multiple benches; ruber coated Olympic caliber plates (2.5-45 lbs).  There is also a Pec Fly and Rear Deltoid Machine; Full-size Cable Cross-over; Dip Bars; Pull-up bars; and Leg Raises.


Brand new Title Official boxing equipment including: 20' X 20' Sparring Ring; 13 Heavy bags of varying weights; water body bag; Upper Cut Hook Bag; Angle Bags, etc. There are also 5 speed bags; 5 Double ended bags. Don't worry- if you don't understand what these are all for, that is okay. It's our job to know that and to teach you how to use them!