How do I start?

We ask everyone who is interested in starting with us to take ONE FREE  Class! Pick any Boxing with Jack class that works for your schedule.The schedule for this class is listed in our Class Schedule page. After purchasing the $10 hand wraps and completing the class, the receptionist will be more than happy to go over our list of memberships with you to find the right one that works for you!

What comes with my membership?

Pretty much everything! All of our membership options (besides the youth class packages) are all-access passes. This includes access to the weight equipment, boxing equipment, and classes at your convenience. This  does not apply to one-on-one sessions with Jack or Personal Training with Coach Ron. You are more than welcome to walk through our doors at anytime during our business hours. As long as you are not in the way of an ongoing class- the gym is yours. THIS IS YOUR GYM!

Do you sell Day Passes?

Unfortunately, we do not. We believe that with our memberships, you get the most out of our facility. Also, since everyone has been loving Jacks Boxing Gym so much, you almost would be wasting your money!